Saturday, September 4, 2010

What I write about.

I was asked recently, "What do you write about?"  I gave a quick answer and moved on, but since then, I have been thinking about that answer.  I did not have the time to give a thorough answer, as the bell for another class was about to ring.  I would have liked to have said, I write about women and their real lives. 
Oh, and by the way, most of them are lesbians.  Yes, there are some sex scenes.  We all have to sit through the obligatory heterosexual sex scenes in mainstream entertainment and we lezzies like a good sex scene in our entertainment, too. 
Mostly my books are about a main character, who is thrust into a new experience, or is facing old baggage, or has made a mistake and has to right it, etc.  Sound familiar?  Along the way she meets a woman, introducing the complication. 
In general my characters live normal lives.  Some raise children, some teach them, some want to have them.  There are writers, scientist, artists, professors, lawyers, home makers, cops, nurses, doctors, teachers, in other words, real lesbians and straight women who find friendship and love among each other.  They go to work, come home and spend time with their families. 
None of my characters ever worry about money, because shit I lived it and it wasn't all that interesting.  Maybe I'll write about that one day, but not now.  I write about real events sometimes, of course changing names and elaborating, so the innocent will be protected.  I base some aspects of my characters on traits I've seen in myself and others. 
I write about places I've lived or actually been to, because I like books that describe in detail the history and charm of an area.  Mostly based in NC, my home state, the Tar Heel state's rich history and natural beauty surround the characters, as they go about their daily lives.
That's what I wish I could have said, but alas, the bell was clanging overhead and I had to go mold young minds.

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