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Reviews for Rainey Nights

5.0 out of 5 stars Great action packed thrillerAugust 28, 2011
This review is from: RAINEY NIGHTS (A Rainey Bell Thriller) (Kindle Edition)
  Rainey Bell RE Bradshaw 

With Rainey Bell RE Bradshaw has given us a wonderful complex Ex-FBI character: I loved Rainey Days and Rainey Nights is IMO as good or even better. Again RE delights and haunts us with great visuals: The opening scene is worthy of any Hollywood Movie and you got to love her secondary characters, e.g. Brooks (MORE!). And the story is complex too with several layers and some extras too! This book is not so much a classic "mystery" (although there is a strong element there), but rather a great study of characters, of how to survive a job as difficult as a profiler and about inner strength. The book is action-packed and at some times not for the faint of heart. 

Absolutey Brilliant!August 29, 2011

5.0 out of 5 stars
akadingbat (Perthshire, Scotland) - See all my reviews
This review is from: RAINEY NIGHTS (A Rainey Bell Thriller) (Kindle Edition)
Another great read from RE Bradshaw. If you like a good thriller this is the book for you whilst it still has love and romance.

5.0 out of 5 stars This is a "grab-you from the beginning" - "who the hell is killing these women" read,August 28, 2011
G. Curtiss "Curtie" (Ellensburg, WA United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: RAINEY NIGHTS (A Rainey Bell Thriller) (Kindle Edition)

This book grabbed me from the first page and never let me go. I knew bad things were going to happen to good people - I just couldn't figure out to whom and when. The main characters, Rainey and Katie, are in a new relationship and that's hard enough without someone trying to kill you, too. Plus, they're trying to figure out their careers, how to live together, planning a new house, trying to have a baby, and did I mention this is their first woman-to-woman relationship? Not much going on. I love Bradshaw's writing style - it's dialogue rich, has vivid scenery, and enough southern-sweet drawl to make you crave a fountain-drawn cherry Coca Cola. This is the sixth book of hers that I have devoured, and I hope she writes many, many more.

Bonus Points for Bradshaw - you get your money's worth page-wise. This is a "big book" - not one of those skinny novellas you pay full price to read. I appreciate that Bradshaw doesn't take shortcuts to tell the story fast rather than fully.

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R. E. Bradshaw Appearance at Jewel Lesbian Fiction Book Club

Best-Selling Author RE Bradshaw to make Dallas Appearance at Jewel Lesbian Book Club
No one is more surprised by her own best selling success than North Carolina born author R. E. Bradshaw. Just one year ago, she was a high school drama teacher who aspired to write but didn’t believe she would find an audience. Her partner of 24 years disagreed and knew she would have “Field of Dreams” success – “if you write it – lesbians will read it”. Her partner was right – one year later Bradshaw has had all five of her novels appear on Amazon’s Top Ten list in her genre. Her latest book, RAINEY NIGHTS, appears to following the same best selling path as it debuted at #1 this week.
Bradshaw holds a Master of Performing Arts degree and, after a professional career in the Theater, taught high-school drama for 13 years before leaving her position to write fulltime. The library of Bradshaw titles include: Waking Up Gray, Sweet Carolina Girls, Out on the Sound, The Girl Back Home, Rainey Days, and just released Rainey Nights.
RE will appear at the Jewel Lesbian Fiction Book Club in Dallas, on Sept. 13, 2011 where she will discuss RAINEY DAYS, the first novel in the Rainey Bell Thriller series. RAINEY DAYS was voted as one of the Top 5 Favorite Mystery Books of 2010 in the Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Awards and was a finalist in the 2010 Golden Crown Literary Society Awards.
Her appearance will be at Ilume, near the corner of Cedar Springs and Knight, 4123 Cedar Springs Rd., at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011. Readers are encouraged to bring their favorite Bradshaw book to the appearance so she can say hello and sign their copy.

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Release from R. E. Bradshaw Books

About the book...
RAINEY NIGHTS is the second novel in the Rainey Bell Thriller series. I tried very hard to make this a stand-alone book, but if you want more background on former FBI Behavioral Analyst Rainey Bell, read RAINEY DAYS to see how the series began.
In RAINEY NIGHTS, the reader is given a glimpse into Special Agent Rainey Bell’s former life, where she is unaffected by the tragedies that later derailed her career and changed her future, (detailed in RAINEY DAYS.) This glimpse into her past gives perspective to the challenges Rainey faces starting a new life with Katie Meyers. This is not a “coming out story,” it is a coming to terms story. At the beginning of any relationship, there are adjustments and compromises to be made. In Rainey’s case, her past shapes her decisions and often complicates the situation. It may end up getting them both killed.
Above all, RAINEY NIGHTS is a thriller. It is not a romance, although Rainey and Katie’s relationship provides the backdrop for the story. This book is not for the squeamish or weak of heart. If you can handle “Silence of the Lambs,” then read on. If you can’t, stop now. This is not the book for you.
For those of you that choose to proceed, do so with the doors and windows locked and the lights on all over the house. Like it says on the back cover, “Don’t assume you know how this story is going to end.”

Sunday, August 7, 2011


On the plane ride back from L.A., I was looking out the window and contemplating the last nine months of my life. Talk about life changing experiences, these months have been like living in a dream. When I took that leap of faith, quit my job, and published my first books, I had no idea what would happen. I assumed I would be working at the 7-11 by now, but the fates had something else in store for me. As I stared out the window, I wondered how all this came to pass. I thought, "I must have a guardian angel." At that moment, I was overwhelmed with a sensation of being enveloped by a warm hug. Tears began to well up in my eyes and I knew who it was.
Franny was my son's Godmother. I loved her like the older sister I never had. She was ten years older than me, but we connected. She was the one person who did not turn on me when I came out of the closet. Franny said, "You found someone to love you and it just happens to be a woman. I still love you and I will always love you, no matter what." She stood by me when everything around me was chaos. I loved her more for that. Sadly, Franny died of cancer several years ago.
The last time I saw her, I had gone home to NC to visit. I knew she wasn't doing well, but I had no idea how bad it had become for her. I walked into her bedroom and found my big strong Franny now weighed barely 90lbs. I had not seen her in a year. We talked frequently on the phone, but she was never one to go on about her health. I was shocked and began to cry. She was sitting in a chair and reached out to me, taking me in her arms. Franny said, "Honey, don't cry. I've lived a good life. My grandchild was just born and now my life is complete. I'm going away, but I will always be with you."
We talked for an hour. My heart was breaking, but even in her state, she was funny and laughing. She spent that last hour with me telling me to live my life, not the one that was expected of me. She encouraged me to write. She was one of the few people I had ever shown my writing. Franny said, "You have a gift. Pursue your dream, baby girl."At the end of an hour, she was growing tired. I picked her up out of the chair, cradled her in my arms, and carried her to bed. She hugged me tight and I cried while she smoothed my hair. She whispered to me, "You know I'll never see you again, but know this, I will always be with you. I'm going to be your angel, sweetheart. You call me when you need me and I'll be there. I'm going away, but I will not leave you." She died five days after my visit.
Her passing devastated hundreds of people. Franny was one of those people that everyone loved. After her funeral, the women walked down the street wearing purple hats of all shapes and sizes, followed by the men in attendance, to a huge party on the waterfront, as Franny had instructed. She wanted no tears, but a celebration where her friends could lean on each other. There were tears, but mostly laughter. Franny was one of kind and even in the end she wanted us all to be okay with her passing.
I will never forget Franny. I will never forget how she lived her life and how she loved and was loved  by so many people. She was taken from us too soon, but I know that was her on the plane yesterday. I heard her voice say, "Honey, I told you to pursue your dream and I am with you." So Franny, my dreams are coming true and I know you are with me. Thank you for believing in me. I love you and miss you. You are my angel. Thank you for giving me wings.