Friday, August 26, 2011

New Release from R. E. Bradshaw Books

About the book...
RAINEY NIGHTS is the second novel in the Rainey Bell Thriller series. I tried very hard to make this a stand-alone book, but if you want more background on former FBI Behavioral Analyst Rainey Bell, read RAINEY DAYS to see how the series began.
In RAINEY NIGHTS, the reader is given a glimpse into Special Agent Rainey Bell’s former life, where she is unaffected by the tragedies that later derailed her career and changed her future, (detailed in RAINEY DAYS.) This glimpse into her past gives perspective to the challenges Rainey faces starting a new life with Katie Meyers. This is not a “coming out story,” it is a coming to terms story. At the beginning of any relationship, there are adjustments and compromises to be made. In Rainey’s case, her past shapes her decisions and often complicates the situation. It may end up getting them both killed.
Above all, RAINEY NIGHTS is a thriller. It is not a romance, although Rainey and Katie’s relationship provides the backdrop for the story. This book is not for the squeamish or weak of heart. If you can handle “Silence of the Lambs,” then read on. If you can’t, stop now. This is not the book for you.
For those of you that choose to proceed, do so with the doors and windows locked and the lights on all over the house. Like it says on the back cover, “Don’t assume you know how this story is going to end.”

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