Sunday, April 22, 2012

Molly's house is definitely on fire.

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Molly: House on Fire

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“This book about the story of Molly has been a long awaited dream for diehard fans of RE Bradshaw. It does not disappoint. The story is a blockbuster. A book with so much crammed into it, it will leave you breathless and still wanting even more… The book is extremely well written, in the typical RE Bradshaw style… The book is fast paced and a page turner right from the first page through to the last page… With all the goings on in this book, you will also find the subtle touch of humor throughout that I've come to adore when reading one of RE Bradshaw's books. No matter how serious the story is, there is always a little light relief interspersed among the dark deeds… Last but not least, there is the romance. I always enjoy a touch of romance and I was more than happy with the balance of romance to the rest of the story… Once again RE Bradshaw has written a winner. This book is perfect. It would make an excellent film.”

“It has all the things a great book should have, suspense, laughter, fear, joy, friendship and love.”

“Suffice to say this is another great book from RE Bradshaw. She is the master of both the thriller and the romance and this one combines the two. Put down your Patricia Cornwell and read this one instead.”

“Molly's story was done exceptionally well… I have authors that I love who write romances and other authors that I love who write thrillers. The list of those that write both and can pull it off is VERY short for short for me and R.E. Bradshaw is a member of that list.”

“RE manages to give us a wonderful glimpse at life in the South and Molly's beginnings. Action and romance are part of a very attractive package.”

“This is a love story wrapped in murder and the reader won't be disappointed in either the romance or the mysteries. (Yes, there is more than one mystery for our heroine and her cohorts to resolve.) If you're a fan of Ms. Bradshaw you'll need to buy this book. If you've not read any of Ms. Bradshaw's previous books give this a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed and I would venture to say you'll be buying more of her work.”

Molly Kincaid is an extremely successful and equally wealthy defense attorney, but that is all even her closest friends know about her. Behind the facade is a dark past she thought she buried long ago. Now, Molly must face that past and the danger that comes with it. Murders and mayhem, a Civil War gold legend, and a secret Molly has carried for twenty-nine years threaten to bring her world crashing down around her. Molly Kincaid must return to the land of her birth and nothing good can come of that... or could it? Molly's house is on fire and the only way out is through the flames.

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  1. Your books are wonderfully entertaining. I loved Molly in the earlier books and was thoroughly satisfied with her story in this book. I'm very happy that you thought enough of my review to include it in part here. And no pressure...but I always look forward to whatever you're working on next.